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Philips Downtown SHL5605 Headset

[CES 2012] Philips unveiled its Citiscape Collection of stylish consumer headphones and headsets at CES. The Philips Downtown SHL5605 is the mid-range product in the lineup and personally is my favorite design-wise. Featuring comfortable a nicely crafted ear cushions and the MusicSteal technology that prevents the sounds to actually leak out and thus, ensure your music privacy when listening in public spaces such as planes or trains.

Additionally, thanks to the built-in microphone and the volume control, it is easy to switch from music to phone calls, see the list of compatible smartphones in the feature list.

The Philips Downtown SHL5605 comes in three flavors: black (photo above with brown ear pads), gray and purple. It will be available in March for $99.99.

Feature list:

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