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Philips Fidelio L1 Headphones

[CES 2012] Philips is coming to CES with high-end and beautifully crafted headphones Fidelio L1 that that offer a crisp and clear sound delivered through very comfortable to wear large ear pads made of memory foam. The headband is made of aluminum covered with good quality leather, and the foam allows to have large cushions while keeping the device surprisingly very light.

According to Philips, the sound restitution has been carefully engineered to deliver a state-of-the-art audio quality, see the details in the feature list in the complete article.

During the briefing, I compared the sound quality to one of the  Beats By Dre products and a Sennheiser model, the Fidelio sounded a little better than the Beats headphones, with a crisper sound and better restitution of the high frequencies,  but I could not hear the difference  with the other one.

Audio technology details, provided by Philips


Features highlights:

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