Placing your expensive DSLR lens on the table in public while swapping between lenses might sound like an invitation for a thieving opportunist to swipe it and make a run for it. So how would one safely swap lenses in public, without everyone in the world knowing that the lens you’re taking out of your bag is your Canon L-series lens that you just blew two grand on? Well you might want to consider a disguise in the form of the Photorito by Photojojo.


As the name (and photo) implies, the Photorito is a wrap for your lens that upon first glance appears to be a burrito. We have to admit that it does look rather convincing, so unless the thief was particularly hungry and was looking to swipe your burrito rather than your camera lens, it looks like it could pass off as a pretty decent disguise. While we’re not sure if it was actually designed for that purpose, the wrap itself is made from Tyvek and neoprene.

According to Photojojo, it supposedly will protect lenses from 24mm up to 200mm from water, dust and bumps and will come shipped with a band that will hold it in place. If you’re interested in picking up the Photorito simply for novelty purposes, or if you genuinely would like to protect your lens, you will be able to get your hands on it from Photojojo’s website for $20.

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