PS Vita game downloads more affordable than boxed copies The day is drawing nearer and nearer where downloaded games are going to get more popular than their boxed counterparts, although I believe it will still be quite some time more before that happens. The situation does seem to be inevitable however, considering how we have moved to cloud computing over the years, and many of us have started to be more comfortable with the idea of owning digital copies of books, music and movies, without having to own a physical version instead. Sony’s upcoming portable game console, the PS Vita, has confirmed that it will come with digital game downloads in addition to boxed copies, although the former would be more favorable to your wallets – just like the case in Japan. No idea on the percentage of savings you will experience when you make a download via PSN, but a NeoGAF thread of supposed Best Buy SKUs point towards at 10% discount at best. Would you like digital copies of your games, or you prefer a pristine boxed set sitting on your shelf?

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