Ramnit worm steals 45,000 Facebook loginsRamnit is a worm that is better known in financial industry circles, but just like how economic performance of any country will affect the lives of the everyday man on the street, so too, has the Ramnit work which has set its sights on Facebook accounts recently. According to some reports out there, a minimum of 45,000 accounts have already been compromised, and the total extent of the damage has yet to be calculated. Basically, if you happen to be on Facebook a whole lot, you might want to be more cautious about where your mouse cursor clicks. Seculert has been tracking the worm for some time already, touting that Ramnit has had its focus mainly on users in the UK and France, although everyone else around the world are not exempt from potential attacks. The motive behind Ramnit? Possibly to magnify the malware’s spread by sending links to friends and acquaintances of compromised accounts. Just be careful out there, and try to have different passwords for different accounts. Difficult and troublesome, yes, but it is a whole lot better than having your account(s) compromised.

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