If you’ve imagined playing Battlefield 3 on your PlayStation Vita, you’re not the only one. Some folks managed to hack Remote Play for the PlayStation 3 to enable a bunch of games that previously weren’t available for streaming, on the Vita. Now thanks to the hack, games like Battlefield 3, Red Dead Redemption, and Batman: Arkham Asylum can be played on the PlayStation Vita. In case you’re unfamiliar with Remote Play, it is a feature on the PlayStation 3 that enables users to interact with the console via a PSP or a Vita. It allows users to stream media from the PlayStation 3 as well as play a number of selected games.

While the games do look great on the Vita’s 5” display take note that the handheld isn’t doing any of the graphics processing – it is essentially streaming video from the PlayStation 3, while controls from the Vita are transmitted over to the living room console. The Remote Play hack works on any PlayStation 3 running the version 3.55 firmware (the latest PS3 update that is vulnerable to the Fail0verflow security exploit). Check out a video demonstration of Battlefield 3 streaming on the PlayStation Vita.

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