Before you splash out more than a grand for a new smart TV from one of the more reputable consumer electronic vendors out there, have you ever wondered just how much more enriched your life would be with a smart TV in the living room? Perhaps you don’t really need Wi-Fi connectivity in your TV, and just to make sure that you do not lose out in terms of entertainment power, why not fork out a whole lot less for a regular “dumb” TV, alongside some loose change for the Roku Streaming Stick? Despite the relatively diminutive size that holds a processor, some memory, the relevant software as well as Wi-Fi connectivity inside, it will more or less function as a ‘smart TV’ upgrade of sorts, paving the way to over 400 Roku channels at your viewing pleasure.

The Roku Streaming Stick will let you enjoy video streams in 1080p resolution, and with the Broadcom mobile chip, you probably would not be able to notice any difference in terms of performance between this and its other boxes. One thing the Roku Streaming Stick lacks would be a wide range of additional ports which normally accompany the other streaming boxes from Roku. No idea on pricing, but it should remain less than a Benjamin as it arrives later this year.

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