Samsung tabletsWhile Apple is in the lead when it comes to tablet sales, other companies have been trying to catch up by offering competitively priced Android tablets for sale. One of these companies is Samsung, and while it has multiple tablets in different sizes and price ranges, it looks like it’s not stopping there. According to a recent interview Samsung’s product marketing manager had with Laptop Mag, the company will be pushing new ways to interact with the tablet to make their devices stand out.

While the iPad and Kindle Fire (touted as the second best selling Android tablet) are great devices for content consumption, Samsung wants their tablets to be great for content creation as well. According to the interview, Samsung is focusing on innovating the user interface and the way users can use their tablets. This means that there’s a possibility we’ll be seeing the S Pen (found in the Galaxy Note) being used in the next Galaxy Tab.

Other methods of interaction mentioned in the interview include voice controls, 3D gestures as well as facial recognition. They basically want users to enable users to interact with a tablet without interacting with the tablet directly. It sounds like they could be hot selling points for the next Galaxy Tab, though they’ll need to pull it off successfully first. Check out the full interview at the source link below.

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