Scientists cloak 3D objectThe elusive invisible cloak has yet to be perfected in the realm of science, although the plane of magic has not had such a problem for many centuries already. Too bad the latter is part of one’s imagination, while the former is reality, and scientists intend to bridge the gap between the two not through some weird amalgamation of science and magic, but through sheer physics principles – by creating a cloaked three-dimensional object that stands in free space, remaining cloaked in their natural environment in all directions and from all of an observer’s positions. The method used is dubbed “plasmonic cloaking”, and their initial efforts concealed an 18cm cylindrical tube from microwaves. What you see on the right is a fictional item from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but who knows? One fine day, the invisible cloak might actually be sold over common sites such as Thinkgeek, and I do wonder how do the authorities monitor the use of such cloaks that can obviously be used for good and bad purposes, especially the latter.

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