[CES 2012] Gaming is no longer confined to a virtual world, and some might think that Activision has taken a step (or two) back by introducing small figurines in the form of the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack for Nintendo Wii. We spotted these cute little critters at CES Unveiled, where the storyline was written in such a way where you are the only one who has the potential to protect Skylands and save it forever from an evil tyrant. You will be able to bring your Skylanders to life by placing them on the Portal of Power, where these interactive figures are able to “remember” their in-game experiences and upgrades, and will also play nice with the Skylanders Spyros Adventure video game and on the web.

Definitely sounds promising in theory, but will it be able to work out as intended in real life? I also wonder whether these interactive figures can be placed in other games, and assuming someone levels it up to a certain degree, are those worth something on the third party market? Scalpers might soon make a living off something like this by “farming”, just like the gold rush in World of Warcraft in recent memory.

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