There is no better way to say it the traditional way this Valentine’s Day than with flowers, chocolates, and a card, but instead of all those standard issue Valentine’s Day lovey-dovey cards, you might want to check out just what Jemma Salume has done with his collection of Skyrim-inspired Valentine’s Day cards. Some of the quotes include, “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the heart”, “Oooh baby, you’re speaking my language”, “Some may call you junk, me, I call you treasure”, and “If worshipping you is wrong…I don’t want to be right”, amongst others.

You can check out the rest of the collection here, and while this is going to last probably only for a season or two until the Skyrim fever dies out, it is still worth a laugh, especially when your other half is a real Skyrim fan (and you, even).

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