Sony says no to PS4 announcementThere were rumors in July last year as well as December that a Sony PS4 could be in the pipeline, being prepared for an announcement at E3 later this June, but there was always this nagging feeling that it is not meant to be. After all, the PlayStation 3 is just halfway through its lifespan, and it would not make sense to sink so much more money into the development of a new console when the current “horse” has yet to run the full course. The Wall Street Journal is also very certain that Sony will not be making any announcements of the PS4 at E3 2012. Sony’s Kaz Hirai has this to say, “I’ve always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that.”

If history were to be repeated, Sony might just pull a surprise on the video games market with a PS4 before the PS3 is well and truly past its 10 year old mark. After all, that is what the Japanese corporate giant did with the PS3, announcing and launching it before the PS2′s 10-year anniversary was up, and that did not deter or see sales of the PS2 drop (although there are also many factors that contributed to that, so that is a different story for another day).

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