Heads up Soul Calibur V fans, if you’re looking forward to even more gameplay and features, the good news is that Namco has announced today the very first DLC for the game which is expected to see a release some time next week. The DLC pack will be arriving for our friends in Europe next Friday and will see the inclusion of several “exotic” items, such as bikinis, wings and face paint, along with songs taken from the Soul Blade and Soul Calibur soundtrack.

A second DLC pack will follow shortly and is expected to land on Valentines Day. The second DLC pack is expected to feature even more customization with a breast plate, kimono, animal heads and more music from Soul Calibur II and III. Last but not least will be the final DLC pack that is scheduled for 28th of February, which will include masks, face paints, camouflage and a skull with music from Soul Calibur IV and PSP title Broken Destiny.

Granted these are cosmetic changes, but we guess for fans of the franchise, seeing your favorite character duke it out against your opponent while wearing a bikini and an animal head definitely holds some novelty value. All the packs are expected to cost £1.99 each (160 MS points), with the music tracks costing £0.99 (80 MS points).

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