[CES 2012] What started off as a Kickstarter project is now as corporeal as you and I, and the computing device that you use reading this article. I am referring to the SpnKix, a device that could change the way and range we park from our intended destination. How so, you ask? Well, this is a pair of motorized shoes with wheels that intend to help pedestrians arrive at their respective destinations faster, and being able to experience some free-wheeling fun along the way. Peter Treadway is the man behind the SpnKiX, where he came up with the idea after getting frustrated at the lack of parking spots in Los Angeles, California. The SpnKix comes with a motor on each side of the wheel, while a battery pack is located at the back to keep it going. A reflector is also located behind so that your visibility would not be compromised when dusk arrives. Strapping the SpnKix to your shoes, you then “launch” off with the included remote control. Hopefully there is a manual override just in case you drop the remote while you’re drifting down the road in the SpnKix. Image courtesy of BBC’s video.

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