[CES 2012] When it comes to FPS (First Person Shooters) , audio plays an extremely role as you determine where your opponent is, get your bearings, and plan out the next move. Do you make a run for the armor or weapon, or wait it out and use that as bait instead, eagerly waiting for the footsteps of your opponent? Having said that, playing with a set of desktop speakers is fine only if you’re alone in a room, but nothing beats a high quality headset. SteelSeries sees this need and fills it with the Flux headset, where it will play nice with PC, Mac and mobile devices. On-ear mesh cloth cushions will not only keep your ears cool, but pump out impressive sound levels thanks to its 40mm driver units.

The headset also sports cable connections for an in-line, uni-directional microphone that has mute controls, and was specially designed to be travel-friendly considering how the headset earcups are able to fold inward whenever you wear it around the neck, while they also collapse at the earcup hangers when you need to stash them away quickly without having to take up too much space. With 2 input jacks (one on each side), you can select just where the microphone is to be at for added flexibility. No idea on pricing, but the SteelSeries Flux headset will arrive sometime in Q2 this year.

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