Have you played Syndicate in the past? The game from Bullfrog, being released in 1993, proved to be one of the more interesting, future forward titles that had you glued in front of the computer as you attempted a particularly frustrating mission over and over again, before realizing that it is already dawn and you need to get ready for school. Well, this old school title has been remade for a far more formidable gaming platform compared to the PC of yesteryears – the Sony PS3, and you will be able to check out the Syndicate demo that is arriving on PSN later today. The developer even came up with a gameplay mechanic known as “Breaching,” where it effectively simulates an agent by using his embedded military-grade DART 6 chip in order to interact with other chips around the world – regardless of whether they are located inside objects or human beings.

As usual, you have a bunch of weapons to choose from as you play the game, and all of them are in line to receive upgrades in different ways. Starbreeze has taken over where Bullfrog left off, and hopefully, the new, 21st century Syndicate will be able to nurture a new generation of gamers who can appreciate the kind of gameplay we “oldies” enjoyed nearly two decades ago. Sigh, growing old is never easy, is it?

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