Pat your cat remotely with DIY projectWhen the Wiimote was first released, it was laughed at, with some calling it “waggle controls” – something that a true blue gamer would not be caught dead using it. Fast forward some years, and all three consoles have some sort of motion control capability. Well, motion control is not only good for gaming, but with the proper kind of hack and modification applied to it, it can actually be used for other things, such as petting your cat remotely. Taylor Valtrop is one such enterprising roboticist who decided to put together a robot which can groom a cat – remotely. This is not a cheap project to do though, so I believe it will hardly be verified and tested by others, unless you are willing to fork out $15,000 for the Nao robot, who is controlled over Wi-Fi, aided by complex software to help it get around. Still, for less the $20,000 thereabouts to build, it is still cheaper than the millions required for most companies to come up with something similar. I wonder whether someone will develop a teleoperation robot to send hugs and kisses over to our loved ones…

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