DSLRs are starting to show extremely promising signs of doubling up as a secondary (or even primary in some cases) video recorder. Due to its ability to manually focus, HD recording and the variety of lenses that one can use with it, we guess we can see the appeal. However sometimes using our hands to manually focus the DSLR while recording might result in out of focus shots and shaky video, so if making movies with your DSLR is your thing, you might want to check out the 50-Dollar Follow Focus accessory.

As the photo above might have implied, the 50-Dollar Follow Focus is an accessory that you attach to your DSLR. It allows users to grasp an external handle to manually focus the lens, and thanks to its adjustable tension and teflon thrust washers, friction can apparently be adjusted while still maintaining smooth movement. It even comes with a variety of belts to accommodate lenses of different sizes, and best of all (if the name didn’t already give it away) is that it will only cost you $50, which is definitely a whole sight cheaper compared to more “professional” gear.

Since we don’t actually own the 50-Dollar Follow Focus, we can’t really speak for its effectiveness or its usefulness, but if the device is really all it’s made out to be, we don’t see why amateur (or even professional) videographers wouldn’t want to get their hands on it. The 50-Dollar Follow Focus is a Kickstarter project but has since received and surpassed its original funding goal, so head on over if you’d like to place your order or check out the video for more information.

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