When you were a kid, surely you would have come across some of the more famous optical illusions that played tricks on your eyes and mind, such as a moving bicycle wheel illusion, or the Penrose triangle. Man, we did not need the Matrix back then as kids to really give our minds an out of this world experience. Having said that, Tokyoflash, a purveyor of watches that sometimes require far more brain power to process the current time compared to studying for a law degree, is back with yet another timepiece – the Optical Illusion watch.

This unique timepiece is inspired by many of the illusions spotted in print, or in more recent times, online, where you can train your eyes to see the time in puzzle mode which can be pretty tricky, or you can alternatively opt to press one of the four hotzones on the touchscreen display in order to reveal the current time if you do not want to exercise that brain for a couple of seconds or so. Not only that, Tokyoflash has also thrown in a mode that cycles between puzzle and time mode every 20 seconds, which is a surefire conversation starter. It will retail for $179 if you are interested, and free shipping is thrown into the mix, now how about that?

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