For those who may not have heard, the Tomb Raider franchise is going for a reboot and its reincarnation is expected to arrive later in 2012. Eager fans looking forward to seeing what the reboot will be bringing to the franchise will be pleased to hear that it appears that everything seems to be going according to schedule, at least that’s what Crystal Dynamics’senior producer, Kyle Peschel and art director Brian Horto is leading us to believe.

According to both of them during the latest podcast of Crystal Habit, they revealed that the Tomb Raider game was currently in its Alpha stage, which means that it is playable to a certain extent but still extremely rough around the edges. They also stated that they expected the game to remain in Alpha stage for at least another two months before moving it into the Beta phase, where it will also remain for at least an additional two months.

What this means is that optimistically it is possible to see a release of the rebooted Tomb Raider game by the middle of the year. Will they be able to meet that deadline? To be honest I’d rather see a delayed, but polished game, rather than a rushed out one that is filled with bugs and glitches and completely kills the experience. So, who else is looking forward to the rebooted Tomb Raider?

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