[CES 2012] Browsing through Vivick’s site, there were plenty of curious devices on parade, although the Anti-Theft backpack which is said to debut at CES 2012 next week did not turn up there, hence us lacking an image to present you with. Having said that, Vivick’s latest notebook hugging backpack will arrive in a trio of models, where it is made up of military-grade gauge nylon that makes it virtually unable to slash through, so that folks with a knife cannot break through the fabric. As for the zipper on the backpack, it was specially designed to sport an added security measure, thanks to an integrated combination lock for more peace of mind.

Most of the time, we have the impression that something which is tough as nails will not be pleasing on the eyes – on the contrary, Vivick promises that their Anti-Theft backpack will be otherwise, and will hopefully measure up to the masses’ requirement for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing form factor. No idea on pricing just yet, but hopefully it will not cost that much. Ultimately, I guess the only way to lose your notebook in there would be to lose the backpack itself.

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