[CES 2012] Withings is known for their WiFi-connected scale in the past, and they intend to move forward by introducing the Withings Smart Baby Scale. As the name suggests, this particular model will not be able to fit adults, but rather, cater to those crying memes of yourself. Specifically designed to cater for infants as well as toddlers, it is the tiny human’s version of its predecessor, playing the organizer for new parents who are already flummoxed by the everyday responsibilities of taking care of a newborn. You will be able to read all the relevant (and important) information on either a PC or an iOS-powered device. A baby basket is a standard issue accessory with each purchase so that you can plop your little one in, and when he/she eventually outgrows the basket, just remove it, and the scale’s surface is still large enough to weigh the young ‘un. It has a weighing range of up to 55 lbs, and is accurate to 0.02lb. Make sure the quartet of AAA batteries have enough juice to keep it running.

Withings intends to release the Withings Smart Baby Scale when the second quarter of this year rolls around at $179 each. Don’t you find it rather ironic that you pay more for less these days? $179 is clearly $20 more than the adult version, and when you figure out how much you fork out for lingerie, the less material there is, the higher the price becomes. Talk about living in an inversely proportionate age…[Press Release PDF]

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