[CES 2012] Do you suffer from a case of butterfingers all the time? Surely that is a bane, especially when you also have a great love for gadgets and absolutely must have the latest and greatest in your grip. Well, since there is no guarantee that your hand will not voluntarily release that new tablet while you are carrying it, why not minimize the chances of damage in the event that it kisses some concrete with the Wrapsol non-slip Grip Pad? The Grip Pad is made with tactilla, a proprietary gripping technology, constructed from advanced high durability polyurethane, making it the first product from Wrapsol to integrate non-slip, tactilla technology. It will not only prevent accidental slip-and-fall damage, but your tablet’s usage would end up being more convenient in the end as well. You are expected to fork out $14.95 for this added level of protection, and see what else Wrapsol offers in their video after the jump.

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