Xbox 720 to be six times more powerful than the 360?The next generation Xbox will undoubtedly be more powerful than its predecessor, but there are already rumors going around stating how powerful it is going to be. According to the folks at IGN who recently received confirmation from its sources, the next Xbox (tentatively called the Xbox 720) will have six times the processing power of the Xbox 360. Apparently the gaming console will have a processor based on the Radeon 6000 series GPU – more specifically “it will be akin to the Radeon HD 6670, which offers support for DirectX11, multidisplay output, 3D and 1080p HD output.” IGN also reported that mass production of the GPU should begin by the end of 2012.

As usual, there’s no way to confirm rumors like these bar an official announcement from the company or through someone with insider knowledge, so take it with a pinch of salt. But if the rumors turn out to be true, the Xbox 720 should be a force to be reckoned with. How many of you are looking forward to the next Xbox?

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