Fans of the Zelda franchise, wouldn’t it be nice if Nintendo released a new Zelda game that would help the franchise recapture the glory that it once had, gain some new fans in the younger generation while rekindling the fire in old fans? Well, while nothing has officially been said, leaked or rumored, animator Joel Furtado decided to do something about it in the form of a trailer for a fake Zelda game that he has titled, The Lost Oracle.

Much like concept phones, tablets and computers, in this case what you are looking at above would be a trailer of a concept game that Joel Furtado imagined. Instead of going the typical 3D route, Joel has instead opted for a cel-shaded version of the Zelda game that is reminiscent of the art style in The Wind Waker. It looks really good and even though we know it doesn’t exist, it looks incredibly fun. While it seems unlikely that Nintendo will actually turn Joel’s imagining into an actual game, hopefully they’ll pick up a couple of things and surprise us in 2012, assuming that they don’t already have something up their sleeves.

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