We did touch on the possibility of a $50 Aakash 2 tablet which will roll out in due time, but here is some word on the original Aakash that might have just run into trouble. This $35 tablet device that rolled out in India last year proved to be the cheapest tablet in the world, but it seems that it has run into issues after complaints of poor performance as well as obstacles in delivering a pilot model. I guess you get what you pay for in this case, and seriously, how much performance do you think you are able to eke out from something that costs $50 to make? Since October last year, only 10,000 units were shipped, and the main issues plaguing the Aakash tablet would be a sluggish processor, short battery life and an insensitive resistive touchscreen display.

According to a senior official involved with the project, “It is not automatic that because you have done phase one you will do phase two. The feeling is that sufficient interest has been generated to get better specifications at the same or a lower price.” I guess this is where Aakash 2 comes in handy, and it would be interesting to see who else will take up the mantle.

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