Amazon could release 7″ and 9″ tablets mid 2012 [Rumor]

Amazon logoAmazon’s Kindle Fire was met with pretty decent success back in 2011, so what does the company have in store for us come 2012? Well the rumors last year reported that Amazon had more tablets up their sleeves and not just in the 7” variety, and now thanks to a report by a Pacific Crest analyst by the name of Chad Bartley, it looks like we will have a new 7” and 9” Kindle Fire to look forward to come 2012.

We’re not sure if they will still be called Kindle Fires or if they will be renamed, but it seems that Chad Bartley is optimistic that both devices will see a launch in the middle of 2012. So much so that he has raised his Kindle Fire sales estimate from 12.7 million to a whopping 14.9 million. Apart from that, little to nothing is known about what Amazon has in store as far as their upcoming tablets are concerned, but given the success of the original 7” Kindle Fire, it’s not really a stretch of the imagination to think that Amazon won’t hesitate at putting out a successor (or two). However until official word has been given, we suggest taking this with a grain of salt for now.

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