While tablets can be used to read e-books, there are arguments against it claiming that due to the tablet’s display, it is not as comfortable reading on it compared to an e-reader using e-ink. Well, if you’re looking forward to seeing some color in your Amazon Kindle e-readers, you might be in luck as a report from Digitimes is claiming that EPD maker, E Ink Holdings has reportedly landed orders from Amazon for 6” color e-book reader modules.

The report claims that shipment of these modules are expected to begin in March and are expected to top about three million units a month. At the moment there have been rumors that suggests that Amazon is looking to refresh their Kindle Fire tablets, possibly one with a larger display, which means that if this rumor were to pan out, we could be looking at Amazon Kindle e-readers with color e-inks some time later this year as well. Speculation has currently put the rumored 6” color e-reader for a launch in Q3/Q4. Which would you guys be more excited for: a 9” Kindle Fire 2, or a 6” Kindle with color?

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