Apple patent hints at touchscreen iMacCould the next iMac feature a touchscreen? Well, it looks like it might be a possibility – according to a recently discovered patent that has been filed by Apple. The patent describes a computer desktop that computer that has a touchscreen display. However it goes beyond regular touchscreen controls – the patent describes a series of hybrid knob and slider controls that people can use to control the software without the aid of a pen/mouse/tablet: great for applications such as audio mixing or video editing programs.

While Apple has a lot of patents that end up never being used, the idea of a touchscreen iMac isn’t too farfetched. After all, Apple has got the most popular tablet in the world, and a large number of users have an additional Bluetooth keyboard to go along with it – and let’s not forget that touchscreen Windows PCs have been on the market for awhile now, it would make sense for a Mac touchscreen computer to hit the market as well. What do you think?

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