Before the weekend begun, we reported that Motorola had successfully obtained an injunction against several of Apple’s key products in Germany. Well the good news (or bad news depending which side of the fence you’re sitting on) is that it seems Apple has successfully beaten Motorola’s injunction against the sale of their iPads and iPhones.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Motorola’s injunction against Apple’s devices covered Apple’s products which utilized the 3G/UMTS technology. Basically this affected Apple’s series of iPhones and 3G versions of the iPads which prompted the company to remove the products from their website. While it seemed like a major blow, Apple wasted no time in reestablishing their defense.

According to the reports, Apple appealed the ruling based on how Motorola had refused to license this particular patent to them on reasonable terms, despite how the patent was supposedly declared an industry standard seven years ago. This ultimately resulted in a suspension of the original injunction and Apple’s products have since gone back on sale through their online store.

We’re sure that Motorola is not pleased with this outcome and we have to wonder how they will respond to it.

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