Apple to sue bankrupt Kodak Kodak, the company that pioneered modern photography, is already bankrupt – and they have also made the decision to quit the digital camera business. Just how much worse can things get for Kodak? The right answer would be, “potentially a whole lot more” as word has it that Apple is looking to sue Kodak for an alleged patent infringement assuming they pick up approval from the higher ups. Kodak cannot do much at the moment, as all they can muster up would be to wait for a decision from a bankruptcy judge who might actually open up the door for Apple to file a patent complaint concerning technologies used by Kodak in printers, digital cameras and digital picture frames.

If that does not sound too bad, it actually is – as Kodak did announce that they will be concentrating of printers and digital picture frames after quitting the digital camera business. I know that having a heart is something which is rare in business these days, as profits for shareholders have proved to be the mantra for many a listed company. Why you think Apple is going ahead with this move? It isn’t as though they are out of ideas to generate cash. I won’t judge Apple either, as I might take the same route as them if I were in their position, too.

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