While the Diablo 3 beta was certainly a fun insight as to what we might be able to expect from the game, it certainly was limiting. For those who haven’t played the beta, it basically previewed some low level skills that players could gain access to, the merchants, a boss fight and mercenaries, but it seems that some of that will be changing as Blizzard has recently uploaded a series of videos showing off new base skills for every class in the game.

All the classes – Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, and Wizard – will be getting new/improved base skills, and according to Blizzard, some of these skills were not present even in the beta, meaning that this should prove to be a new experience for just about everybody. The videos show the skills in action which are unaffected by runes, and at the same time will reveal to viewers “a few unfamiliar, exotic locales”. Hit up Blizzard’s website for the videos, and let us know which skills you are most looking forward to!

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