The majority of smartphones these days rely on a touchscreen display for its input purposes, and while that is fine and dandy, how about the blind or visually impaired? This particular group might be better off with a featurephone, where at least they know which buttons they are pressing if they were to dial a number and call someone else on their contact list. Georgia Tech researchers have managed to construct a prototype app that targets touchscreen mobile devices, calling it BrailleTouch that will obviously incorporate the Braille writing system that is used by the visually impaired. It’s main objective? To be the primary texting tool for any of the millions of smartphone phone users around the world.

Initial studies with BrailleTouch has been nothing short of encouraging, where visually impaired participants who were selected due to their proficiency in Braille typing, have shown that they are able to input at least half a dozen times the number of words per minute when compared to other research prototypes that caters for eyes-free texting on a touchscreen display, with the former hitting up to 32 words per minute with 92% accuracy. Perhaps watching the video above would give you a better idea on how BrailleTouch works…

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