While natural disasters can’t be helped, nobody likes to be reminded of them especially when they claim the lives of thousands of people. However, a Japanese artist named Masaki Batoh has decided to turn this negative experience into something creative instead. Using a modified EEG machine and headgear sensor, he has been able to utilize the help of last year’s Japan Earthquake survivors to create a new type of music called Brain Pulse Music (BPM).

The gear is hooked up to the survivors of the event while he shows them images to stimulate their brains. Armed with the readings, he uses them to create audio representations of their emotional state of mind. A bit too soon? Who am I to say? But it definitely is one creative way to make music. However, the resulting audio from the project is pretty disturbing – at least it’s not something I find myself listening to. Check it out in the promo video above and let us know what you think.

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