Photography enthusiasts, if you’re looking for a watch that proudly displays your love of the visual arts, then this Breil Paparazzo watch by Finnish designer Nils Kajander could be worth checking out, although it should be noted that this is merely a concept at the moment. As most photographers have probably already noticed, the Breil Paparazzo features a watch face that looks like a shutter, a long with a dial that looks like a lens.

The ring of watch is also reminiscent of a camera’s lens, but instead of the numbers around the ring indicating focal length, they are instead used to help tell the date. Granted it’s not exactly positioned for easy viewing, it’s still a pretty clever and novel use of the space. To top it all off, the watch’s crown has been designed in the shape of a self-timer knob. To be honest, we wouldn’t be surprised if the watch came with a tiny camera built into it, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. So, any takers?

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