Capcom, Bandai, SEGA working on Nintendo 3DS crossover project?

Nintendo 3DS gamers heads up – it looks like a pretty epic project could be headed your way! This was announced through Nintendo’s Direct broadcast earlier this morning where it was revealed that three major game companies – Capcom, Bandai and SEGA are teaming up for some sort of crossover 3DS project. A teaser was shown by Nintendo, and Bandai has launched a teaser site of its own showing us what appears to be a safe door, which when opened reveals the image you are looking at above. So what could we be looking at here? An arcade style fighting game that will pit Capcom against Bandai against SEGA characters? Admittedly that would be pretty interesting to see, but for now it’s pretty much pure speculation, but fret not as we will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more info!

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