Students, we have bad news headed your way. If you thought that you were off the hook once class was over, you could be mistaken thanks to ClassPager, a newly launched SMS service that allows teachers to send quizzes and reminders to students outside of the classroom.

This service was founded by Mahipal Raythattha, a former teaching assistant at CalTech, who found that teachers have problems assessing every student, and to prevent students from falling through the cracks, he has come up with ClassPager to help teachers assess students on an individual level.

Teachers will be able to send students questions via the web interface where the students will receive it on their phones as a text message. Students can then send their answers back, thus allowing the teacher to monitor and assess the performance of students based on their history of right/wrong answers. The system can also be used to remind students of a homework that’s due, a quiz/test coming up, or even reminding them to vote on certain events, etc.

A pretty interesting idea, and according to the two-man team at ClassPager, the prelaunch beta has managed to spread to over 1,000 classrooms so far, with a 500% month over month growth rate. For more information head on over to ClassPager’s website.

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