If you own the NOOK tablet and want to see how it performs with CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) runs on it (compared to how CyanogenMod 7 on the Kindle Fire is), then you might want to check out the video above. While a number of heavy hitting bugs are still crawling around this built, the developers behind it are still working on ironing out the kinks, and we do know that when everything is declared to be hunky dory, two roads are available to install CM7 on your beloved NOOK tablet – that is through the NOOK’s internal storage, or to a bootable SD card.

Those who take the first route will see the erasure of software that ships with the tablet, but good thing you are still able to (and recommended, of course) perform a backup of your device before installing CyanogenMod 7 in order to revert to the default settings at any time. As for the others who prefer to get CM7 hit on their NOOK tablet with a microSD memory card, you will gain the ability to boot it up directly from the memory card itself without having to touch the default software. I like the second option better – how about you? Just what kind of advantages that CM7 has over the default Barnes & Noble software that might cause you to venture an install? For starters, you will gain access to nearly 12GB of storage space for apps and file storage, out-of-the-box support for the Android Market, the ability to enjoy any third party keyboard application, and voice input support among others.

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