Denied: Closure of used MP3 storeBack in the days where music did not make the jump to the digital format in a widespread manner, you could sell your old CDs to another person to raise some money for another cause, but with the advent of MP3 files, is it possible to sell an MP3 file to another? There is a truly unique website which allows one to sell pre-loved digital music files, and recently had a federal judge side it when Capitol Records’ request to shut down the site was denied. ReDigi claims that they are a modern-day, used-record store – albeit supporting the digital format fully, letting one buy and sell used MP3s which were picked up legally via iTunes. ReDigi, however, is unable to support digital files that hail from Amazon or those ripped from a CD.

John Ossenmacher, ReDigi’s founder, had this to say about Capitol Records’ attempt to bring them to court and shut them down, “We hope Capitol can get back to their business and find a way to catch up to the times instead of trying to stop the innovation process, denying rights to their paying customers along the way.” It definitely is an interesting situation to be in, and there are supporters on either side of the fence. Which point of view do you lean with?

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