Digital D&D dice roller in fur-lined barbarian forearm bracer

Talk about taking your dice and paper RPG seriously – if you are going to dress up for each session, then those of you who started off as a barbarian would definitely fall in love with this painstakingly done up DIY project – a digital Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) dice roller that has been embedded within a fur-lined barbarian forearm bracer. Talk about epic – it was built around a Lilypad soft Arduino controller. The person behind it shares some insight into the project as well.

I’ve got nothing but respect for the DIY/open source community who take conductive thread, LEDs, and Arduino boxes and make them into marvelous little working crafts. I find it all a bit above my metaphorical pay grade. However, if there was anything that was going to convince me to learn how to rig a circuit, it would be the project that Dia forwarded to us yesterday. ,p> It’s a fur-lined leather gauntlet that can roll 100, 20, 12, 10, 8, 6, and 4-sided dice with the flip of a switch and the shake of a forearm. It combines my love of tabletop with my desire to live in the future where we all poke our wrists to get things done.

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