Ed Boon teases Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter possibilityFans of arcade style fighting games have probably played both the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter franchise, and with all the various collaborations going on – Marvel vs Street Fighter, Capcom vs Marvel, Tekken vs Street Fighter, etc, has the concept of Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter ever crossed your mind? To be honest it has never crossed ours, at least not until Ed Boon incepted it into our minds via his tweet.

“Yes, great catching up with you too. Looking forward to our first MKvsSF meeting. 1st order of business: MKvsSF or SFvsMK. ;)”

This tweet was posted after a meeting that Ed Boon attended with his friends in the industry, among which was none other Capcom’s Seth Killian. Ed Boon has been known to joke around so it could simply be that he was just yanking our chain, although that does seem like a rather mean practical joke considering how awesome it would be to pit the brutality and gore of Mortal Kombat against a more “family-friendly” Street Fighter!

What do you guys think? Would a Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter crossover be a game you’d be interested in playing in? And which match ups would you be most looking forward to?

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