They say that wireless charging is the future, but wireless charging for vehicles is still in its infancy, especially when you consider the small number of electric cars sold to date. Still, we can always wish for a brighter future where electric cars are the transportation of choice, so why not work on a charging system right now as well to embrace the future? Researchers at Stanford are working on a project that embeds resonating magnetic coils under roads, allowing one to charge one’s car while driving all the way to the destination – potentially leaving the juice level in your batteries higher than what you had when you first left your home.

This is made possible thanks to magnetic resonance, and when these resonating coils are embedded into roadways, they will work in tandem with other coils in the bottom of your car. The resonating system is good to work at distances of up to six feet, boasting a peak efficiency of an impressive 97%. Sounds fantastic on paper, but to dig up millions of miles of road just to install this system in place might prove too much of a financial burden no matter how deep a country’s pockets are.

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