steps into Google+ territory by testing out a new photo viewer which will see engagement buttons and comments mounted to the right instead of being located under the images. It seems that Facebook did that so that you will initiate online conversations with your mates, instead of just going through the comments. Sounds very familiar like what Google+ has offered all this while, no? I guess Facebook is not going to be too bothered by accusations of being a copycat despite having an extremely close resemblance to their competitor. After all, if something works for your competitor, why not do the same, but in your own style? Hopefully it will not infringe on any copyright rules or intellectual property rights, otherwise we might be looking at another long, drawn-out courtroom drama. What do you think of Facebook’s new photo viewer function? Do you like it, and does this show that Facebook is no longer the innovator when it comes to enhancing their social network? At least this looks as though it is going to be far more well received compared to the Timeline introduction.

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