Facebook Timeline Movie MakerIt seems that not everyone loves Facebook’s new Timeline update, and it is rather unfortunate for the detractors that they will soon be forced to live with Timeline, whether they like it or not. A visual guide of your personality and history, Timeline certainly divides opinions right down the middle. Instead of looking at the glass half empty, why not be more optimistic (for folks aggrieved by Timeline) and make lemonade out of the situation? The Timeline Movie Maker is an application that allows you to create movies that highlight moments from your timeline.

Yes sir, created in conjunction with marketing agency Definition6, Timeline Movie Maker is compatible only with users who have made the jump to the Timeline profile. You will need to log in using your Facebook account, and once you clicked on “Make Your Movie”, giving the app permission to access personal data from your profile, the Timeline Movie Maker will get straight to work right away, churning out one-minute movie that feature different highlights from your personal history. After viewing, you have some control over the movie’s content, through editing and replacing some images, videos and check-ins that appear. Let’s see if you are Steven Spielberg enough for this.

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