Apple is well known for their vise-like grip on what is approved for sale on the App Store, but somehow, the adage of “a system is only as strong as its weakest link” holds true yet again as a fake Pokémon Yellow app was actually approved for sale on the App Store, hitting #2 in the process – never mind the fact that the app itself does not work. This just goes to show just how popular the Pokémon franchise still is after more than a decade on the market across various forms, first appearing as a Game Boy title. This bogus version will cost you just $0.99, and is championed by developer QEAB, who actually also released unlicensed versions of Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh at approximately the same time. Guess Apple’s radar failed to catch this one (pun not intended).

The sales blurb of this fake game mentioned, “Just like the original. Only better because you can play it on the most intuitive device ever – the iPhone,” and for most folks, the app will crash after the title screen loads up. QEAB is aware of the situation, and they did issue an apology over on their website, promising to investigate this issue thoroughly, and will most probably fix it in a new build. Too bad the app has alraedy been removed from the App Store, and if you want a refund, just head on to Apple’s customer service desk.

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