We’ve come across several knock off iPhones in the past, but this particular knock off seems to be taking things to a whole new level. As pictured above, it’s apparently a mobile phone that has been designed to look like a Ferrari car (when the clamshell is closed) and with the Ferrari logo to match, which we’re pretty sure was in no way licensed from Ferrari. While they do appear to be quite an eyesore, we have to give them credit for being pretty creative with the design and concept.

As far as its specs go, do not expect to be blown away. In fact this particular mobile phone sports features and specs that one could expect from a feature phone, but if you’re shopping on a budget or if you love collecting novelty items, then perhaps this Ferrari-inspired handset could be just what you are looking for. According to its online retailer, the device sports a 2” 320×480 display, an FM tuner, support for MP3s, a 200 “lacpixel” camera that records in 3GP/MP4 format and is retailing for $75.79. If you’d like more information on the device or if you want to place an order, head on over to AliExpress.

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