Galaxy Nexus 32GB cancelled?There are whispers on the street that Google’s most recent superphone known as the Galaxy Nexus (read our review) will be phased out – the 32GB version, at least. After all, a bunch of online retailers have already received cancellation orders from Samsung on the GSM version of the 32GB Galaxy Nexus. This would definitely disappoint many potential Galaxy Nexus owners who have always looked forward to this particular model simply for its on-board storage space that comes right out of the box. Expansys-USA commented, “We’ve just been notified this morning that Samsung have dropped the Galaxy Nexus 32GB from production. At this time it looks like they will not be releasing it. Not good news at all.”

Does that mean the 32GB model will see a spike in price where the second hand market is concerned? Probably not, as Samsung might actually be diverting their shipments of the 32GB Galaxy Nexus to different major carriers as they might actually run into potential issues like not having enough stock during a major launch. If the 32GB Galaxy Nexus is really taken off the menu, would that cause you to make the jump to a different handset instead, or will you be all right with 16GB?

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