Golden Tiger projection terrorizes the streets of ParisComing face to face with a big cat can be a terrifying prospect, especially when you do not have the technical know-how of a trainer or a zoo keeper, and just as a hungry man is an angry man, so too, a hungry tiger might just lick its lips after seeing you traipse within its killing range. Having said that, we humans kill more tigers than the other way round each year, and the dwindling tiger population is being conserved at the moment to prevent this majestic big cat from being extinct soon.

French design studio, Le3, is the one behind the ‘Golden Tiger’, a moving 3D projection of a tiger that runs swiftly through the streets of Paris. I am quite sure that those who see it for the first time will be captivated, and perhaps even have some chills sent down their spine? Captured on camera without any post-production FX thrown into the mix since Le3 relied on the innovative process known as motion street mapping, the tiger’s image will be projected through a car window, where its movement is detected thanks to sensors located on the car’s wheels. The faster a vehicle accelerates, the faster the tiger will run.

Golden Tiger from le3paris on Vimeo.

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