Google certainly has their users’ interests at heart, where the most recent update in Google Docs for Android opens up the door to collaborative editing – meaning, your mates can share a particular document and look through your work, trying to catch those nasty critters we call typos, pinging you through Gtalk or SMS of those mistakes so that you are aware of those corrections. The entire collaborative experience from Google Docs on the desktop is now available on Android-powered device. Hmmm, this means devices with larger screens like Android tablets, or even “phoblets” (or “phablets”, whichever rocks your boat) like the Galaxy Note or LG Optimus Vu with at least 5″ of viewing real estate makes plenty of sense. Not only that, the update also sees a revamp in the interface, where you can pinch to zoom and focus on a specific paragraph or opt to view the entire document at a glance. Rich text formatting has also been thrown into the mix for you to create impromptu items like a quick bullet list or even a dash of color to your documents. Getting your mates to check out your wedding vows or speech also works, I guess.


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