We took a look at the Xappr accessory for your smartphone which pushed the boundaries of gaming on your mobile device further, but since the proverbial sky’s the limit and I would safely say that we are nowhere close just yet, do check out what Hasbro has in store for the masses. The company does not only churn out Transformers action figures (although they did make a killing with the past three movies helping them sell insane amounts of merchandise), but they too, intend to bring together those who experienced laser tag in their youths, as well as the current crop of teens who play shooters on their smartphones and consoles. Know as the NERF Lazer Tag system (2012 edition), your blaster will be paired with an iPhone or iPod touch, where the top of the plastic gun will have a space to securely slot in your iOS-powered device.

Running the Lazer Tag app will let you see an augmented HUD (Heads Up Display) view, and you can choose to play against virtual opponents, while tracking your battles with fleshed out foes. Other information displayed on the app include your gear, power level, and your progress on a global Lazer Tag leaderboard so that you can keep track of your place in a global manner. Out on August 1st, individual blasters will cost $40 a pop, while you save $10 if you get a set of two at $70.

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